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Autumn Birding Tour 2016 | Print |  E-mail

I, Raj, completed one week's Autumn Birding with Chinese Birders. The tour covered birding sites: Daunne Sal forest on the way to Bardia, Ghodaghodi Lake in Bardia National park, Sal forest and Rivers in Chitwan National Park and Shivapuri-Nagarjun national Park. The total birds sighted were 184 species. Our tour began from Kathmandu on a Jeep. We did not stop until Daunne mid-hills forest. We walked around for an hour in Sal forest. I spotted Streaked Spiderhunter. It was first my sighting. We spotted other birds in this area that are endemic to mid-hill habitat. And then we drove to Bardia National Park. Ghoda-Ghodi lake was not as impressive as I had thought, for the migrant species had not arrived. Later on I realized in this area Sal forest is better option for bird sighting during Autumn. I shall keep this in mind for the next trip. Whereas Nagarjun-Shivapuri national park proved to be pleasant site in this time of the year. We spotted rare Yellow-naped woodpecker (Nagarjun), heard the calling of Spiny Babbler.

During the visit to Nagarjun area i was surprised by the question from the forest guard whether they should allow the Canon looking camera. I said, "yes, they are Cannon, and very good for shooting birds pictures". Then guard asked to check the Camera, then I said,  "Cannon brand and good for taking birds' pictures". Our target was to spot 200 species and we counted up to 184 species until 3pm from 8 am in the morning.